Romantic Comedies Movies You Must Watch


Many would think or say that romantic comedies are for female only. But we all know it is not true, I can name you many names of my male friends that love a good rom-com movie because who on earth would not enjoy a movie where you can witness a love and laugh at the same time? It is great for any day if you ever need to watch something that can cheer you up and make you cry at the same time. There is no need to fall in love and experience all the jazz when you can play a movie and get all the feels. Here are four amazing romantic comedies movies that you are missing out on if you haven’t watch.

About Time

handsBased in England, this movie is about a man that can go back in time. Domhall Gleeson as Tim was using this power to get him a love of his life which is played by Rachel McAdams. This movie is brilliant for not just showing a happy ending because it comes with many valuable life lessons. It shows how marriage is not the only terminal for where a love story can end. Life changes as you become a parent and the movie is capturing every moment with a funny and heartwarming way. Although the first twenty minutes can be a bit dull, you will end up falling in love with the whole story if you manage to watch until the end.

Crazy Stupid Love

This movie will make you laugh non stop though it is telling you about a life of Cal Weaver by Steve Carell that is crumbling apart. He wanted a divorce because his wife told him that she cheated on him with her coworker. This leads to his visit to the bar where he met Jacob which is Ryan Gosling, and they develop a friendship because Jacob wants to help cal to be a player like he is. The relationship between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in this movie is just one of the adorable and sweet factor of why you should watch the film.

Friends with Benefits

happy Mention a funnier and cuter combination than Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in Friends with Benefits, because it is pretty hard to do. Starting as a friend that would have sex occasionally, they both begin to have feelings for one another, but none would realize or admit until they are away from each other. The ending will make you cry so watch out for the tears.