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Makeup Essentials for Everyday Look

Makeup Essentials for Everyday Look

Makeup is a big part of a lot of girls life, and the amount of products that makeup companies keep on releasing is insane compared to what we actually need. Unfortunately, makeup products are not cheap so you might want to shop wisely and spend money only on essentials that you need for an everyday look. If you are a beginner and need a little guidance on what to buy, continue reading because you are in the right direction.

Concealer and translucent powder

concealerRealistically, you want to let your skin breathe and not put crazy tons of makeup on it every day. Foundation is not good for many things and using concealer only is more than enough to cover up your imperfections. Translucent powder, however, is not a step that you want to skip because you need to set up the liquid concealer and make sure that your skin does not appear shiny.

Eyebrow pencil or pomade

These past three years has been a big year for eyebrow products. People start to focus a lot of it because it frames your whole face beautifully. If you are just going to run errands, you can get away just with putting your eyebrow. Both eyebrow pencil and pomade works well and has their benefits and disadvantages, for example, eyebrow pencil will last you shorter than a pot of eyebrow pomade. But some people feel more comfortable with it because the application is easy and simple.

Eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara

Both of eyeshadow and eyeliner is optional, but most people would use waterproof mascara because it makes your eyes look more sharp and pretty. Though some girls would use eyeliner daily, it totally depends on the shape of your eyelid and how would you like to compliment your natural beauty.

Contour, blush, and highlighter

brush setThe purpose of contouring is more than just giving you a bone structure, but it is to make your face look more alive after putting on the concealer. The blush will make you look fresh while highlighter can give you the glow and dewy look. If you want to save money, a good tip is to use your lipstick as the blush.


To finish off the look, pick your favorite color of lipstick and transform your whole face. A pale lip will make you look like you haven’t showered and get ready. Don’t forget to also carry the lipstick with you so you can touch up whenever you need to.…

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