Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing a Wi-Fi Router

A common question in recent years is, “do you have Wi-Fi?” Many people have adapted to the digital world, and the number keeps on rising. There are several things you need to know about routers before and after purchase. Having this knowledge will assist you in getting the best Wi-Fi user experience.

For example, you must understand how to use when accessing your router’s user interface and more. However, the information in this article comes in handy when purchasing a Wi-Fi router. Below are somethings you have to consider to make the best purchase.


If you want to get your router’s wired network, you need to know the port capacity. However, this is often not much of a concern since many people rarely use cables. When considering the …

Cell Phone Tracking: The Technology Behind it and its Legality

Cell phone tracking is a common thing in this day and age. There are different tools you can use to track or spy on someone’s phone. Various review platforms can help you get the best phone tracker app without permission. The procedure for locating a phone varies depending on whether you have a device with an Android or iOS operating system. In the first case, the mobile phone can be tracked via the Android Device Manager service.

This is a tool made available by Google: to use it, you will need to use the Gmail account with which the device to be located was registered. It will then be sufficient to write on Google “Android Device Management,” connect to the site and know your smartphone’s position.

As for the …